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Residential Air Conditioning

For your residential aircon needs, count on Air Elec to install and service your home cooling systems. Being in the business for over two decades, Air Elec has become a go-to name when it comes to residential air conditioning services in Sydney. We have gained so much experience over the years, servicing hundreds of residential properties all over Sydney. Ranging from houses to apartments, the team at Air Elec is confident in providing the highest quality solutions.

Reports from The Sydney Morning Herald has noted that air conditioner sales have gone up right after Christmas, in the light of the prolonged heatwave in the summer. According to the Bureau of Statistics, only a little over a quarter of households in Australia do not have an air conditioner installed at home. However, half of the population were reported to use reverse cycle air conditioning while 13 per cent have installed evaporative coolers.
We understand the importance of cool air as well as the benefits home air conditioning can bring to your Sydney household. Give us a call and we’ll give you a free assessment.

Addressing Your Air Conditioning Needs

As air conditioning specialists, we understand that each individual client has different needs and requirements. With us, you receive sound advice to help you in your decision to install a new air conditioner or repair your existing system. We provide recommendations on the type of unit that is suitable for your living space and your budget.

Aiming to provide complete customer satisfaction, we respond to each of our client’s every need. This is why we tailor our process to one that works for them. Being client-focused enables us to form lasting relationships with our clients and allows us to understand them on a deeper level than our competitors. We will make sure your heating and cooling systems work efficiently the whole year round.

Why Choose Us?

Sometimes, it is hard to find reputable aircon service providers you can trust to work in your private residence. Allow Air Elec to make it easy for you. First and foremost, we take great pride in our punctuality and professionalism. We do our best to complete the job with as little fuss and disturbance to your routine as possible.

We do it all, be it a new ventilation system for a large, upscale home or a wall-mounted AC unit for a one-bedroom apartment. Aside from sales and installation, we offer maintenance, repair and replacement. Make your home much more comfortable by turning to us, Sydney’s expert air conditioning service providers. Contact Air Elec on 02 8604 4084 or send an email to for additional information.

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