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Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

Exhibiting an impressive capability for heating and cooling, multi-split air conditioners are among the preferred aircon types in Sydney, along with single split and ducted air conditioning units. As the name implies, a multi split system is split into more than two components. If you need multi-split aircon installation or replacement, you can rely on Air Elec. We service all types of aircon systems all over Sydney.
A multi-split air conditioner is composed of separate indoor units that are all connected to a central system. This setup provides an independent unit for each room, one that caters to every individual’s temperature preferences and every area’s thermostat requirements.
At Air Elec, we recommend multi split air conditioning for anyone looking to cool their homes during hot weather while maximising the effectiveness of the unit.

Installing a Powerful Yet Low-Profile Cooling System

Out of all the types of AC systems available in the market, Air Elec’s ducted air conditioning units offer the highest degree of control. This is made possible by cutting-edge zoning features. Zoning allows you to manage and operate the system at different times, greatly reducing costs while significantly boosting energy efficiency.
Another main advantage of ducted air conditioning systems is their aesthetic appeal. With ducted air conditioning, a series of ducts are installed around the entire home either in the floor, ceiling or walls. Inbuilt and barely visible, these ducts blend in well with and do not detract from your interiors.
In addition, breathing in clean air at the temperature you prefer in every area of your home or office is easier with these AC systems. This is because the ducted air conditioner system contains a centralised compressor unit that filters air around the entire property. The air ducts offer impressive air circulation, ventilation and filtering.

Individual Control in Every Room

With a multi-split air conditioning system, you can add up to four indoor air outlet units to a single outdoor compressor. That way, you can cool several areas in your house in varying temperatures. It is the perfect system that lets people in various areas of the house—bathroom, bedroom or kitchen—enjoy temperature settings that they find the most comfortable.
In addition, it is a great alternative to ducted air conditioning. If the space in your roof or under the floor is limited, this one is for you. As a bonus, you do not have to spend extra money for ductwork.

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The Air Elec team provides exceptional customer service across the entire Sydney metropolitan area. Our extensive knowledge and training in the industry makes us the authority in repairing, servicing and installing a diverse range of multi split AC systems. With more than two decades of being in business under our belt, we have found that majority of clients prefer to keep their AC as inconspicuous as possible. Whenever we connect the unit to an outdoor condenser, rest assured that we do our best to limit its visibility.
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