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With a single-split system, you can lower the temperature of the whole house or office all at once. There is no need to install several air conditioning units in each room and have them working simultaneously. Thanks to its smart design, the single split AC can be connected to a thermostat. This can be programmed to turn the cooling system on and off when the temperature inside the building calls for it. With this feature, you can dramatically reduce your energy costs and exponentially increase your savings year after year.
Ideal for indoor spaces, single split air conditioning units typically occupy a floor or wall. Now the first thing we do is identify a suitable space in your area for installation. Afterwards, we connect your AC system to the pipe work and electrical cables. Finally, we mount your system, keeping in mind that the way in which it is positioned can impact its heating and cooling potential.

What are single split type aircon systems?

Split-type air conditioning has two main operating components – one part being internal and the other external. The fan and evaporator are wall-mounted inside the building while the compressor unit is placed outside the building. The latter can either be hung on the wall or put on the ground.
High-quality single split air conditioners extract hot air and humidity from the air inside the building. This is then released into the air again through the compressor outside the building. Refrigerants, which are found inside the compressor, are responsible for cooling the air from outside and passing them through the copper pipes. The fan blows the freshly chilled air and spreads it around the room.

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